Sports & Happiness

Dr. Weibel offers sports, positive psychology, or wellness counseling or coaching for people that want to increase their levels of wellness, happiness, sports performance, peak performance, self-actualization, and/or self-transcendence. Yes, this sounds like a lot, but they are all interrelated. This is positive counseling for people who want to thrive.

Within this model of counseling we emphasize strengths and recognize the potential for the positive states, meaning, self-actualization and even self-transcendence. We will use knowledge and techniques from health psychology, sports and performance psychology, and positive psychology.

Below are three overlapping areas on which we can focus. You can choose one, or we can hit all three.


Positive Psychology


Empathy & Compassion

Gratitude & Forgiveness


Self-Actualization & Transcendence

Sports & Peak Performance



Arousal & Relaxation


Flow/In the Zone



Stress Management


Eating & Exercise




A majority of disease and illness has behavioral links if not direct causes. Thus, the decisions we make with our minds such as the overs: over-thinking, stressing, eating, smoking, drinking, shopping, sexing, or gambling obviously effect our bodies. As a culture, most of us do not exercise enough, while a select few of us grind our knees to dust with compulsive movement. We seem to have forgotten how to relax. Experts such as physicians and nutritionists can give us information about how we should live, but we still have trouble doing those things. We know that we can be healthier and happier if we only eat well, rest, exercise, find outlets for our creativity, and connect with others.

You will consult with your doctor and other professionals to determine what a healthy lifestyle means for you. We will discuss your goals, motivation, resistance, emotions, and decisions to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle. We will work at a holistic or systemic level, realizing that negative factors such as excess stress or positive factors such as love affect your entire system, your brain and your entire body.

Sports & Peak Performance

We will use techniques from the fields of sports psychology, positive psychology, and peak performance to help you perform at your best on the field or in the boardroom. We can explore what is meaningful to you to help you find your passion. We will assess your character strengths and help you apply them. We will also use relaxation, visualization, and mindfulness techniques to help you quiet self-criticism and mental chatter, concentrate and focus, and perform at your best, hopefully reaching flow or in the zone states more frequently.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology serves as a corrective to the fact that medicine and psychology have focused on removal of disorder and disease rather than the promotion of wellness and health. Positive psychology began in the 1960’ with humanistic psychology and was greatly energized starting in 2000. A science of happiness and what makes life worth living has emerged complete with evidence and techniques.

There is now a wide body of research indicating what lifestyle factors and conditions are associated with happiness and life satisfaction. Cultivating mindfulness, finding flow, savoring experiences, practicing gratitude, deepening relationships, serving others, finding meaning, and connecting to something larger than the self can influence our wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Dr. Weibel’s book, Beyond Me: The Science & Practices of Compassion focuses on boosting empathy, compassion, gratitude, service, and connectedness. None of these are easy, but they have been shown to have the most lasting power in creating a contented life.

We can use positive psychology to help you reach your own goals, whether to increase happiness, discover meaning, or enhance connectedness.


Insurance will not be billed as insurance only pays for medically necessary treatments based upon a diagnosis of disorder. Medicine has been designed to bring the suffering back to their baseline. Here we are aiming for increased thriving, moving above our previous baseline.

First session (90 minutes)                               $200

Subsequent sessions (50 minutes)                  $125

Sliding scale rates are available based on all sources of income, including family resources. ‘Field’ calls to meet you at your chosen athletic arena are also possible and can be discussed in session.

For more information contact, 225-678-9389.