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Once we agree to a first appointment, you can print these forms and fill them out, or arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment. It does seem to go a bit smoother if you arrive with the forms completed. The forms to print and fill out with a pen are below:

Client Information, Informed Consent, Acknowledgment of Privacy Practices

The Notice of Privacy Practices below is for you to read. You do not need to print it out. You can get a copy of it at any time, and always find it here as well.

Notice of Privacy Practices

People who are curious about the first session can get a preview here:

What to Expect in the First Session




Science of Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy research

APA therapy recommendations

Society for Psychotherapy Research

Common factors in therapy

Science of Clinical Psychology

Positive Psychology


How of Happiness

Positive Psychology Center

Authentic Happiness

Compassion & Empathy

Center for Compassion and Altruism

Empathic Civilization


Mindfulness and Acceptance

Dr. Weibel’s Meditation & Relaxation audio tracks

Mindfulness in healthcare

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Taming your Gremlin; Noticing the critic

Finding Meaning

Logotherapy- Frankl’s search for meaning

Existential therapy

Interpersonal & Psychodynamic


Jeremy Safran’s Lab

Core Relationship Theme method

Transpersonal Psychology

Institute for Transpersonal Psychology

Duke Center for Spirituality

Wellness & Health

Integrative Medicine

Center for Mind body Medicine

Why is the United States so Sick?


Louisiana Psychological Assocation

American Psychological Association

Therapist directories

All Therapist directory

Dr. Weibel’s Psychology Today Profile

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