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David Weibel greatly enjoys helping people overcome limits to reach their potential. His entire psychology scholarship career has been focused on studying how people can heal and grow. He earned his Ph.D. in a psychotherapy research laboratory studying how therapy works. He is also an expert in stress management, mindfulness, and compassion practices. Dr. Weibel is a life-long athlete and loves many sports. He has slowed a bit after two knee surgeries, but still regularly mountain bikes, snowboards, lifts, swims, ping-pongs, and will throw a ball with anyone who is willing. He also loves the arts and recently completed his first book. Some of Dr. Weibel’s writings appear below.

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Dr. Weibel offers selected writings here to help a prospective counseling client decide whether they want to work with him. A solid therapeutic alliance or relationship is vital to good psychotherapy. Agreeing on tasks and goals is essential, but it is even more important to like your therapist, to have some feelings of commonality and warmth. You may be able to get a feel for Dr. Weibel by browsing some of his writings.


Beyond Me: Practices for Expanding Compassion provides 12 practices to help people boost their perspective taking, empathy, and compassion. Boosting compassion can lower anxiety and depression while increasing happiness, meaning, and purpose. It is also a key component in emotional intelligence and leadership.

Stress Management Audio CD

Dr. Weibel created 7 relaxation and stress management audio tracks utilizing his own scripts and voice. The professionally recorded tracks include Mindfulness, Progressive Muscle Relaxation, Visualization, Lake Meditation, Mountain Meditation, Autogenic Training, and Loving-Kindness Meditation. The tracks are given out to Ohio University students, and many of his colleagues have brought the tracks to treatment settings across the country.

Mindfulness & Relaxation tracks

Client Handouts

Dr. Weibel has created various handouts that he gives to clients. You might be offered one of these handouts as a supplement to your therapy.

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