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Dr. Weibel enjoys helping people overcome struggles and perceived limits to reach their full potential. His psychology career has been focused on studying how people can heal and grow. He earned his Ph.D. in a psychotherapy research lab studying the process of how therapy works.

Dr. Weibel works with the most common issues such as stress, anxiety, and sadness. He also helps people examine and improve relationships whether with friends, family, or partners. A second specialty involves helping people embrace their meaning, mission, or purpose. Meaning can help us cope with trauma or grief and possibly even grow through these struggles, eventually increasing satisfaction. Self-transcendence can be glimpsed via increasing our awareness to quiet self-conscious chatter and then connecting to something larger than our selves.

Dr. Weibel sees people in-person in Bryn Mawr, PA  and virtually across all of Pennsylvania.

215-779-5575            d@drweibel.com

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