Dr. Weibel is currently accepting a few new clients for in-person sessions on Thursdays & Fridays and video or phone sessions on all days. Sessions are by appointment. Please browse this site and then call 215-779-5575 to decide if we are a good fit to work together.

Please Consider if We Are a Good Fit to Work Together

Therapy works best when we can establish a good therapeutic working alliance. You should spend some time trying to determine if you think we would work well together. Reading this web site is one way to get an idea about how you might get along with Dr. Weibel. The web site is not perfect, but all of the words are Dr. Weibel’s. You can call Dr. Weibel and he will get an overview of your issues and goals, while trying to determine if we are a good fit. If Dr. Weibel does not think we are a good fit, he will attempt to make a referral.

First Phone Call

Appointments are made after an initial ten-minute conversation by calling 215-779-5575. During the first phone call, you can ask questions, and you will be asked the following questions:

1. What is the general nature of the issue?     

You can likely answer in a few minutes. We are not doing therapy yet. Dr. Weibel might ask follow-up questions.

2. Do you want to use insurance, and what type?

We will clarify if Dr. Weibel is an in-network provider, and inquire if you have met your deductible for the year.

3. Do you foresee any current or future legal or complicating issues?

This issue involves less than 10% of clients, but it may be important. Potential clients sometimes want to utilize Dr. Weibel’s records for work or legal issues such as work leave, fitness for duty, divorce, lawsuits, disability, getting extra time on tests in college, getting reinstated after failing college, emotional support pets, or immigration status. Dr. Weibel strongly appreciates being notified before we begin therapy if you know there is any likelihood of our work being brought into any of the above arenas. Often these issues are better answered by a professional working in a forensic or evaluator role, rather than a clinician in a helping or therapeutic role. Dr. Weibel prefers to be in the helping role and to not blur any boundaries between the helping and forensic or evaluator roles.

Once we decide to work together, Dr. Weibel will give you a list of all available times. Available times will shift in subsequent weeks, so please do not give up immediately if none of the initial times fits your schedule. If we are not a good fit, Dr. Weibel would be happy to make a referral to another provider or community resources.

Note: Dr. Weibel does not prescribe medications. He does diagnose the full range of psychological issues and will refer to prescribers. You will have to make a separate appointment with one of those prescribers. They are not in Dr. Weibel’s office.


Dr. Weibel accepts the following insurance plans for psychological services:


Highmark (Premiere Blue Shield)           Medicare                   Aetna         Independence Blue Cross Blue Shield


Blue Cross Blue Shield, PPO & HMO    Medicare                 Aetna

United Healthcare (UBH, Optum)          LSU First – WebTPA

Tricare                  Magellan

Almost always, you do not need pre-approval or a referral to use insurance. Insurance can be confusing, and we greatly appreciate that you to take a proactive approach in researching your insurance deductibles and copays. The deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket each year before your insurance begins to pay. Health insurance deductibles work like car insurance deductibles. Until you meet any deductible you have, the insurance company pays nothing. You will pay all of your insurance company’s negotiated rate for each session until you meet your deductible. These rates are always below free market rates. Thus, you get a savings by choosing a provider who is in-network with your insurance, even when insurance pays zero and you pay all of the sessions when the deductible is not yet met. The varying insurance rates are approximately $100 per session, with the first session being approximately 20-40% higher.

Once you reach your deductible from all medical expenses (not only Dr. Weibel), your copay will either be a set amount at each visit (e.g. $25), often indicated on your insurance card, or a percentage (e.g., 20%) of the insurance negotiated fee. You may have to look at your insurance documents or call your insurance company to verify your remaining deductible. When calling your insurance company, the questions to ask include:

Do I have a deductible?

How much of the deductible is remaining?

What is my co-pay?

We have found that some insurance representatives have forgotten to mention that the client has a deductible. If the client only asks, “What is my copay?”, the insurance representative often tells the client that their copay amount and ends the call in the spirit of efficiency and having answered the question.  Again, it is confusing, and we appreciate you doing research and being prepared. Please bring your insurance card to the first session. Payment is due at each session via credit card, check, or cash. After the first session, our billing person will submit to your insurance company and verify any deductibles and copays.

Out-of-Network Insurance Benefits

If Dr. Weibel is not in your network, many insurers will reimburse a percentage of expenses (approximately 40-70%) for licensed psychologists who are not in your network. Advekit serves as a middle-person to facilitate you getting  your out-of-network benefits. They and/or Dr. Weibel can facilitate you getting a superbill, approximately every month, to submit to insurance to get reimbursed for your out-of-network expenses.

Non-insurance, Market Rate, Cash-pay, or Fee for Service

For those who do not have insurance or elect not to use insurance because they want maximum choice of providers and privacy, and do not want the insurer setting any limits on the type or length of therapy. Rates are:

Individual Therapy:

$250 for the first 60 minute session

$200 for each subsequent 50-minute session.

Couples Therapy:

$300 for first 90-minute session

$250 for each subsequent 50-minute session

If we cannot find time for a 90-minute first session for a couple, we can begin with 60-minutes at a $275 rate.

Sliding scale appointments are available based upon your ability to pay. If you do not have insurance, and wish to discuss sliding scale, please consider what you can afford based on all sources of income, and assets, including that of your family.

Appointments: 215-779-5575